そうした先代の茶畑農家たちの得た経験・知識を背負う百二歳の創始者・李鄭陵(Li Zheng-ling)のお茶への強い思いが、様々な種類の茶葉から完璧なフレーバーを作り出しています。





PAH JI HUE` is a brand founded by a kid from the tea farm.
As a child, he watched his parents stir the tea leaves repetitively under the blistering sun.
His father once said,“You must make use of sunshine, stir and dry the tea leaves, in order to stir up the best flavor of tea”.
Although the path was arduous, precious experience is the reason why Li Zheng-ling,
PAH JI HUE` ’s founder, has such a deep connection with tea. It enables him to realize
deeply that locking perfect flavors from different kinds of tea leaves needs hardship, sweats and tears.
Everyone knows that “Building a legacy is not easy, while innovating requires a brave heart.”

Established in 2014, PAH JI HUE` represents expectations and blessings.
As new generation of the tea farm accepting the responsibility of passing on the legacy,
we have developed kinds of tea products combined with local culture that is healthy
and free of pesticides, and thus pouring new life into Taiwanese tea.

We want to let customers from different nationalities and ages know that tea is not only just for drink, but to enjoy.
“We want nothing but the best.” is what PAH JI HUE` emphasizes.
We hope to share the best tea from Taiwan and give blessing to whom receive the tea gifts to live healthy over 120 years old.